Human and technological resources

Seasoned Management

TPGís senior management brings a wide range of survey research, telecommunications and political campaign expertise to each project.

We go beyond mere execution of a project in a pro-active roll to assure that the clientís objectives are met.

In the spirit of a "working partnership" we carefully review client specifications, project design and third party elements (such as samples) to guarantee the project execution will proceed smoothly.

Expert Communicators

Effective telephone communications skills are hard learned. At TPG, we have a core of dedicated; efficient and courteous telephone communications specialists.

At TPG, we have a core of dedicated, efficient and courteous telephone communications specialists.

Innovative, user-friendly technology supports the specialized activities of our telcommunicators.

TPGís high quality standards are assured by careful screening of recruits; rigorous training and constant monitoring of the interviewing staff.

Quality control staff continuously monitor all projects with a ratio of 1 supervisor for each 10 interviewers.



OSCAR, our system software, integrates each project from scripting, sampling, call execution, monitoring through verification and reporting.

OSCAR efficiently supports simple or complex scripting and questionnaire design. It assures the reliability of targeted or random samples. Quota fulfillment, skip logic and question rotation are fully automated.

The system fosters orderly project and workflow administration. Automated call management (ACD) procedures offer programmed appointment and callbacks; precise open-end data capture; verification of the integrity of data collection and enforced system security.

Comprehensive reports incorporate top-line, graphic and numeric tabulations for precise quantitative and qualitative analysis.


The systemís massive capacity assures our ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, to guarantee back up in case of a service interruption and to handle expansion.

CATI stations are connected to 3 UNIX operating system file servers. Front office PCs are networked and run Windows 95, Novell and UNIX interfaces.

Telephone System:

Incoming toll-free 800 calls and outgoing voice and data transmissions are transmitted through 7 T1 switches. The phone system, built on the the-line 61C Nortel PBX, operating Version 21 software, comprises extensive security features; power dialing, automated faxing and remote monitoring.

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