Offering solutions to client needs

TPG tailors every project from initial design to final report in order to assure quick, cost efficient solutions to client needs.

We can play either a direct or a consultative role in each step of any political teleservices project.

International Reach

TPGs main facility, centrally located in Birmingham, Alabama, contains 178 CATI stations able to support projects across all U. S. time zones. Operating 7 days a week with a full roster of available skilled teleservices agents, TPG can assure quick and effective responses to client project requests.

Tailored from start to finish

TPG can deliver personalized, targeted messages quickly, efficiently, effectively and economically. We use the most powerful applications available to elicit accurate, comprehensive and actionable data.

We have the in-house expertise and technology necessary to supply or acquire accurate national and specialized samples and targeting profiles.

Valid research results are assured given our extensive experience with testing, scripting, skip logic, question rotation and quota control.

In-house list management and maintenance services encompass sophisticated geo-coding, mapping and scrubbing applications.

Our unique and powerful data conversion systems can transfer data to and from over 300 formats.

Clear, timely, ready to use reports can range from raw data feeds to complete statistical analysis. Reports are accessible on-line, in real time.

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